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Parenting Problems


I appreciate the challenges facing parents trying to raise emotionally strong, self-aware children who are humane, feel good about themselves and who experience success.  I help parents to develop good parenting skills, to help their children who are having difficulties, and to have the kind of relationships they want with their children.

Do you make the same or the opposite parenting mistakes as your parents?

Do you have problems communicating with your child or children?

Do you or your child or children feel too distant or too close?

Do you think or have you been told that you are over-protective?

Do you think you are too lenient?

Do you or any family members have difficulties at work or school due to parent-child conflict?

Do you yell at your child or children?

Does your child or children argue with you?

Does your child or children treat you with disrespect?

Do you worry about your child or children?

Is your child showing signs of developing an eating disorder, abusing alcohol or drugs, making poor grades, having social problems or feeling anxious or depressed?