2734 N. Hills Drive, NE
Atlanta, GA 30305

(404) 982-9010

Counseling and Psychotherapy
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I believe that all individuals have the capacity to thrive, and my job as your therapist is to help you remove the roadblocks that are keeping you from thriving.  I see our relationship as one in which you set your goals, and I am privileged to work collaboratively with you to help you attain those goals.

We will explore together how you came to be the person you are today with your strengths and your struggles.  I will help you change what you want to change about yourself and your life and help you further develop those aspects that you like about yourself.  As I listen intently and respectfully, you will become more aware of and better able to listen to your own inner wisdom.  This self-awareness will lead to more trust in yourself and to a reawakening of spontaneity and joy.

Together, you and I will create an alliance to not only relieve your symptoms, but also to help you learn new coping skills to better manage life’s challenges.  I see us as fellow travelers, working together to assist you on your journey of healing, goal attainment, and personal growth.

I take my work seriously and believe it is courageous of you to engage in psychotherapy.  I expect you to be actively involved in our work together: to talk about whatever is on your mind, to share your past experiences, your dreams, your fears, your thoughts, your feelings, and anything else that is meaningful to you.  By doing so, you will uncover the obstacles that have been blocking you, work to overcome or remove them, and eventually attain your goals and begin truly thriving.  Providing psychotherapy is a humbling and enriching experience, and I feel honored to be a part of your process.