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Destructive Dieting


Destructive dieting can cause you to feel weak, ashamed, out of control, embarrassed, and angry at yourself. It can harm you physically. I help individuals who have destructive patterns of dieting to stop the painful dieting cycle, to be respectful of themselves and their bodies, and to develop healthy lifestyles including normal eating and regular exercise. I also help individuals with medical problems such as diabetes or heart conditions make the dietary changes necessary for improved health.

Do you diet repeatedly?

Do you lose some weight only to quickly regain it?

Do you believe dieting and exercising is too hard?

Does your mood depend on your weight or on how you are eating?

Do you use any excuse to go off your diet such as stress or a party?

Do you eat when you are not hungry?

Do you not eat when you are hungry?

Do you think you are either being good or bad when it comes to eating?

Do you feel embarrassed or bad about yourself because you can’t stick to a diet?

Do you feel out of control with food?