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Counseling and Psychotherapy
To schedule an appointment please call Gail at (404) 982-9010.

Customer Reviews

Highly Recommend I was in a very crises situation at work and feeling desperate. A friend gave me Gail’s name and she fit me in right away. She was kind and warm from introduction and I felt immediately comfortable. In a very short period of time I felt understood and supported. She gave me some exercises to do at home to help with anxiety which I will use. I look forward to seeing her often and would recommend her to anyone needing someone to talk to. -Anonymous
  Kind, reliable, compassionate I feel very grateful to have Gail in my life. Talking with her each week helps me process events and emotions, work through my own unique brand of crazy, and helps me improve my self-esteem and outlook on life. Thank you Gail, for continuing to assist me with my tough thoughts and encouraging me to do the next right thing. -Anonymous¬†

Talk it out I have grown a lot since I started my therapy with Gail. She is very knowledgeable, insightful and a great listener. She has helped me to challenge some of the ways that I think about things that were not useful to me and see things from a different perspective. -Anonymous 
  Great Therapist Gail is certified, professional and extremely helpful. She has helped me to challenge some of my most damaging thoughts and helped me to clarify my thinking on some key issues. -Anonymous¬†