2734 N. Hills Drive, NE
Atlanta, GA 30305

(404) 982-9010

Counseling and Psychotherapy
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Generic Deltasone Over The Counter, Xenical Cheap

Zithromax Romania Online   My website contains lots of information that I hope you will find helpful.

Choosing a therapist requires a personal connection. Please call me so that we can get to know one another. This allows you to ask questions and it also helps me to understand what you’re hoping to achieve in therapy. Even if we decide that I am not a good fit for you, I would like to help you find the resources you need.

As an experienced therapist, I have a deep level of compassion, wisdom, intuition and knowledge of how to help you. For over 26 years, I have been helping individuals, couples and families feel better and live more fully. I’d like to help you if you are in emotional pain or turmoil, if you are overwhelmed with life’s challenges, if you have destructive habits you’d like to stop, or if you’d like to grow personally and find more meaning in your life.

Psychotherapy restores your natural ability to heal, grow and thrive. Psychotherapy is a unique relationship. I am solely here for you. You share your deepest personal concerns with me and I listen compassionately. I am eager to help you speak your mind as thoroughly as you possibly can. I listen with deep interest, not only for content, but also for feelings and underlying meanings. We collaborate to help you work through your feelings, understand yourself better, and become more compassionate and less judging of yourself. Through this process, you expand your capacity to love, to work and to live more fully. 

Generic Deltasone Over The Counter, Xenical Cheap

 Seeking help can be confusing and make you feel anxious.
 It’s often hard to know what to expect and what will help you feel better.
If you would like a phone consultation, I am happy to talk with you for 30 minutes at no charge.